Our Future has already begun.

GoBEYOND is more than a campaign to build a new church facility,

it is a COMMITMENT to see our region transformed in the name of Jesus.

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Making an impact is easy.

Got Skills?  Check out our “Swing It” list.  If you’ve got what we need we will connect you with ways to put your skills to an awesome purpose.

Got Stuff?   Check out our “Bring It” list.  Our design teams can take your old stuff and create awesome areas for our kids.



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What is GoBEYOND?

Ever have a vision so powerful that you will work, risk, and sacrifice in crazy ways to see it become a reality?

Ever know God is doing something really amazing and you can see it happening right before your eyes?

That’s GoBEYOND.

We began as a small neighborhood church.  Over the years God has grown us to become community of Jesus-followers spanning the North Dayton region.  Amazing things have happened to us on our journey so far (see here).  But our past has only set the stage for what is coming.  God has called us to GO BEYOND in ways we never thought possible… and we are taking up His charge.

We have been provided with an unbelievable opportunity.   We have purchased 67 acres of prime real-estate at one of the most visible locations in the region: the interchange of  I-70 and I-675.  This property includes a serene lake and three buildings ripe for Jesus-centered work.  We have seized this moment because our mandate is clear.  Jesus told us in Matthew 28 to “Go into all the world and make disciples.”   The GoBEYOND campaign is a spiritual, financial, and practical campaign to see this vision become a reality.  With GoBEYOND we are committing to make God’s vision a life-transforming reality.



GoBEYOND is the result of a vision discovering an opporunity.  Our vision is to see lives restored in the name of Jesus.  Our discovery was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase and develop a location where this can happen in ways beyond imagination.  How exactly did this vision meet up with this opportunity?  What can we expect to happen as a result?  To find out more click on the cloud icon above.

Get Involved

GoBEYOND is a campaign to develop the property at intersection of I-70 & I-675 for purpose of life-restoration in the name of Jesus.  With a vision this big there are many tasks that need to be accomplished and many hands required to accomplish them.  This also means there are numerous opportunities for you to help along the way.  Since GoBEYOND is a journey of faith we could very much use your prayers.  Beyond this there are practical, financial, and personal ways for you to lend a hand.  Click on the hands icon above to learn more about how to get involved.


Interested in our financial goals?  Want to know how far we are on our journey?  What do we count as our finish line?  To learn more about our financial progress, or to get the latest status on the property development click the calendar icon above.  You can also check our project updates here.

GoBEYOND is an opportunity like no other.  I am truly excited about what God is doing with us and where He is taking us.

—Randy Warner (Lead Pastor, Lake Avenue Christian Church)

GoBEYOND music video

“Go Beyond” is an original song and music video produced by Lake Avenue Christian Church.  The worship ministry dedicates this song and video to the GoBEYOND campaign.